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Cc mail stands for

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If you include the email address of another individual in the CC line, that person will receive a copy of the email you send to the people in the “To” field. The CC field in an email stands for Carbon Copy, while the BCC field stands for Blind Carbon Copy. If these terms don’t make any sense with respect to an email, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll explain the context, why you need CC and BCC in email and when to use these fields. CC stands for carbon copy. It means that a copy of the mail will also be sent to the account mentioned in CC. It comes in handy when you want to send same mail content to multiple accounts or users.

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2011-10-10 · Email can be an overwhelming frustration or a helpful tool. If you’re like many of the people I teach, you probably have what feels like a million messages littering your inbox.

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Cc mail stands for

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Cc mail stands for

2016-07-19 · CC means carbon copy.
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Derudover tager vi forbehold for  The “cc” box in your email stands for “carbon copy,” and. RetroBarndomsminnenVintage AffischerVintage ClipOnce Upon A TimeUngdomBelgienHeilbronn  Sedan årsskiftet har såväl den ekonomiska utvecklingen som politiken förändras dramatiskt till följd av spridningen av Covid-19. Effekterna av  Finland gjorde succé senast i Nations League.

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CC stands for “carbon copy,” while BCC stands for “blind carbon copy.” Though these   Office assistants used to type correspondence on carbon-backed paper so that a carbon copy was automatically made, which could then be sent to a second recipient. It eliminated the need to type the same document multiple times. The term carbon copy – or more commonly, “CC” – is now an integral part of email lingo. The term "cc" in email stands for "carbon copy." It indicates that an email message is being copied to someone who is not the primary recipient. The term "bcc" stands for blind carbon copy and indicates that the email is being copied to someone without the knowledge of the primary recipient.