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Integration of AI into military platforms has the potential to allow weaker nuclear-armed states to reset the imbalance of power, but at the same time it Arms sales of companies in the SIPRI top 25 totalled US$361 billion in 2019. What is the share of the combined arms sales of the top 25 by country? USA 61% China 16% Western Europe 18% Russia This chapter provides two vantage points for analysing Chinese and Russian shifts on the issue of the South China Sea. Masafumi Iida offers a historical overview of China’s development of its activities in the region. 2021-03-16 · The 27 contributors to this text explore how Russia and China are negotiating their potential areas of overlap and contention in non-traditional security spheres, including Asia, Europe, cyberspace and even the Arctic.

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Ambassador Michael Sahlin. Distinguished Associate Fellow. Dr Johan Schaar. Associate Senior Fellow. Dr Elisabeth Sköns.

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Publications search. Keywords Author/Editor Research area 2020-08-16 In this video, Arunabha Ghosh, CEO of the Council on Energy, Environment and Water and #EnvironmentOfPeace panellist, outlines his hopes for the initiative: ️ Draw interconnections between Building on a number of recommendations that the joint SIPRI-FES report put forward for policy considerations at EU level, participants of “Rethinking Asia” explored additional cooperation avenues for China, EU, and local states to pursue mutual benefit, common development, and shared security. Arms sales of companies in the SIPRI top 25 totalled US$361 billion in 2019.

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Lora saalman sipri

Läs hela texten (Fritt tillgänglig via SIPRI) Bok Konferens säger Dr Lora Saalman, associerad seniorkamrat om beväpning och nedrustning, SIPRI. "Regionala trender, geopolitiska spänningar och felaktig tolkad signalering måste också beaktas för att förstå hur AI-teknologier kan bidra till en upptrappning av en kris till kärnkraftsnivån." Lora Saalman Ofner was a nonresident associate in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Her research focused on China’s nuclear and strategic policies toward India, Russia, and arms control. [SIPRI 자료 소개] 『전략적 안정성과 핵위험에 미치는 인공지능의 영향 II: 동아시아의 관점』Lora Saalman 편, SIPRI, 2019. 이 책은 스톡홀름국제평화연구소(SIPRI)에서 진행중인 인공지능의 무기화-전략화에 관련된 3권짜리 연구시리즈의 2권이다. The first challenge in detailing North Korea’s weaponized AI programs is its information wall.

Lora saalman sipri

Article Metrics Views 973. Citations Crossref 4 Web of Science 1 Scopus 1. Altmetric Article metrics information By Lora Saalman sipri.org — This edited volume is the second of a series of three. They form part of a SIPRI project that explores regional perspectives and trends related to the impact that recent advances in artificial intelligence could have on nuclear weapons and … Dr. Lora Saalman Senior Fellow On May 8-9, SIPRI, in partnership with the EastWest Institute, held the fourth and final in a series of workshops on "Mapping the impact of machine learning and autonomy on strategic stability and nuclear risk" at the Carnegie Corporation of New York.
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Saalman, Lora (redaktör/utgivare) SIPRI (utgivare) Publicerad: Solna : SIPRI, 2018 Engelska 38 s.

What is the share of the combined arms sales of the top 25 by country?
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Signalistgatan 9 SE-169 72 Solna, Sweden Telephone: +46 8 655 97 00 Email: sipri@sipri.org Internet: Dr Lora Saalman is an Associate Senior Fellow within SIPRI’s Armament and Disarmament and Conflict, Peace and Security research areas and a Senior Fellow in the Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Program at the EastWest Institute. Dr. Lora Saalman Senior Fellow On August 27, EWI Senior Fellow Dr. Lora Saalman presented on the impact of emerging technologies on nuclear disarmament at a webinar on "The Tenth NPT Review Conference: Effective Measures for Nuclear Disarmament," hosted and organized by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA).